Lupon Ventures

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Lupon Ventures is an IT holding company headquartered in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Lupon Ventures is a group of companies focused on information technology (IT). Headquartered across the South East Europe, Lupon Ventures companies, excel in delivering comprehensive IT solutions to customers worldwide.

We deliver premium IT solutions and services tailored for companies who seek for quality and reliability. Lupon Ventures companies are specialized in software production and development. In-house solutions make up more than 90% of the total group revenue. We strive toward excellence by building our working principles into every single software and solution we deliver.

Lupon Ventures companies are specialized in designing and developing complex solutions for the financial and the financial technology industry. We are also successful in implementing solutions in retail, transportation, telecommunication, and automotive industries.

Our companies try to increase their market share by offering customer tailored and high quality IT solutions and services since their establishments. Lupon Venture faces the obligation to cultivate customer relationships, and is continuously working to enhance quality.

Our companies have delivered 500+ projects around the globe to customers of various sizes from a range of industries.

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